The Benefits of Using A Radar Detector

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Rushing in traffic to get to work or to make sure your kids arrive at school on time constitute two of the common reasons you see so many drivers violating the law and ignoring speed limit indicators. With police patrols handing out tens of thousands of speeding tickets annually, investing in a radar detector might be just the thing you need to drive with confidence and enjoy the freedom to relax. Without further ado, let’s go over the advantages you could enjoy if you purchased a quality radar detector.

Benefits of Radar Detector

1. It limits the number of speeding tickets you could receive significantly

Because a quality radar detector has the potential to detect weak signals from the police radar, regardless of whether they are right at the top of the next hill or after the curve, you can be certain that you will be driving according to the specified speeding limits of the area at all times. Since you are not breaking the law, you don’t have to worry about speeding tickets.

2. You will not have to pay extra on the auto insurance premium

In spite of the popular belief, the headache associated with receiving a speeding ticket does not go away once you paid the fine. To put it simply, the data regarding your adventure will soon go on your driving record and stay there for the next three years. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of insurance companies are known to increase the premiums by approximately 30% for the next three years for all drivers who have violated the traffic laws. On the other hand, with a quality radar detector, you could sniff out the highway/city patrol on time and adjust the speed of your vehicle accordingly.

3. They come with GPS technology

While it is true that it depends on the model you are buying, it is necessary to mention that some radar detectors come with tech that store and record the common speed traps and stop-light camera locations. Once you get near a location, the unit recognizes either of the aforementioned categories and it alerts you right away. Furthermore, the more advanced devices even feature a built-in GPS navigation option that can be used as a normal GPS that is able to highlight potential radar activity on the digitized map.

4. Makes you aware of the red light cameras in time

In addition to police patrols, drivers should be aware of the fact that the law enforcement officers also plant various cameras in the most unexpected places, such as the traffic lights for instance. However, even these state-of-the-art gadgets are not matched for a quality radar detector that is able to sense and alert the driver in time for him to take action.

5. Could prevent a serious road accident

First off, by having a radar detector installed in your car you can keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to the traffic. In addition, when they notice the patrol far in the distance drivers have a tendency of instinctively decelerate their vehicle. While they are worried about not getting caught speeding, few of them are aware of the risks this maneuver implies, namely that the car behind could easily bump into them. In short, you and your passengers, as well as the other motorists involved in traffic, could get hurt, while you automobiles will certainly get damaged. A radar detector alerts you ahead of time regarding the police radars so you have the necessary time to decelerate safely.

6. Avoid court hassle and lawyer fees

When the speed was not substantially higher than the one recommended in the area, some drivers might even consider contesting the ticket or getting it canceled. In all honesty, utilizing any legal method possible to minimize the fine and hence, make sure it will not affect your insurance premium in the future is a recommended step, according to some lawyers. As they clearly put it, paying the fine is essentially admitting you are guilty, the direct consequence being that you will pay the highest amount.

However, despite the fact that this action is justified and recommended, it is necessary to mention that it could easily transform a $300 fine into a costly $1,000 experience unless of course, you have a good lawyer. In addition, good attorneys who can actually win the case are not exactly what you could call cheap. Irrespective of the situation, you will either have to pay for the lawyer or for the court fees and your speeding ticket. Not to mention a headache and stress you will undergo during this time. At this point, the price of a radar detector doesn’t seem like much, does it?

In a Nutshell

From saving you hundreds of dollars on speeding tickets and a few thousand more from your premium to helping you prevent a tragedy while on the road, the radar detector is an invaluable device for any driver these days.

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