How Much Cash Can You Save With An Escort Radar Detector?

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While many motorists claim they can’t afford to invest in an Escort radar detector because it is too expensive, the truth is that they fail to understand just how much cash such a device can help them save in the long run. It is necessary to mention that even if you are cruising along at 10 miles over the speed limit to keep up with the traffic flow it is still perceived as a violation in the eyes of the law. Consequentially, before you know it, you see the flashing lights in the rearview mirror and find yourself in possession of a $200 speeding ticket, which is actually more than you’ll generally pay for a decent radar detector.

How is the Value a Speeding Ticket Calculated?

When a law enforcement officer is about to write you a speeding ticket, he/she usually establishes the due amount of cash based on the following factors:

  • Your current location

In the event that you receive a ticket for exceeding the speed limit on the highway, then the value of the fine will be dictated by the traffic laws in your state. However, if the violation takes places near construction sites or school areas, then you’ll be forced to pay double or triple the standard value of the fine.

  • Traffic violation severity

The more miles you are going over the speed limit, the more money you’ll have to take out of your pocket. To put it simply, you are more likely to receive the maximum fine if you get caught cruising at 30 miles over the speed limit. It is important to note that you could also be “awarded” a ticket for driving under the speed limit in some states (New Hampshire).

  • Your driving record

In case you have several speeding tickets in your driving record, then you are more likely to pay a bigger fine. Still, first-time speeders don’t have it easy either as the highest maximum fine in some states is up to $1,000.

  • The due dates

Depending on the state or town where you received the speeding ticket, you have between two weeks and a couple of months to pay off or contest your fine. In case you don’t take any action during the said due dates, then you’ll be charged additional fees for each day you are late. If you decide to contest the ticket, then you’ll receive a citation and you will have to go to court, case in which it is highly recommended to hire an attorney.

Don’t Forget About the Auto Insurance Rates!

If the hassle of contesting your speeding ticket didn’t convince you about the importance of purchasing a quality Escort radar detector, then it’s high time you learned about how this traffic violation affects your car premium rates. Even though you’re might get off the hook with a warning from the insurance company if this is the first time you got a ticket for speeding, they will not be so understanding the next time you commit this traffic violation.

Yet again, whether or not you’ll receive a warning or a penalty from the insurance company after your first speeding ticket depends on your insurer’s terms and conditions. According to various sources, motorists who bought a single car, single driver auto policy and have been caught speeding are very likely to see a premium increase of up to 18% when they renew their insurance.

Needless to point out that if you receive two or more speeding tickets in a short period of time, there is also a chance that the insurance company decides you’re no longer worth the risk and hence, raise your premiums to astronomical sums on the renewal date. Therefore, for two speeding tickets received during a one-year timeframe you’ll need to take out an extra 34% out of your pocket, while for three violations committed the cost of the auto insurance could increase by up to 53%. Do you still think an Escort radar detector is expensive?

What Can the Escort Radar Detector Do For You?

Going to court, paying for lawyer fees or taking up to $1,000 out of your pocket for first-time traffic violations are unpleasant situations most motorist would prefer avoiding. Even though it is true that you’ll need to pay over $150 for a top of the line Escort radar detector, the overall benefits make it a device that no driver should leave home without.

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